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Trailer Rental

Huston & Sons Trucking Inc provides 53 feet trailer rental service to help streamline your business. It is a cost-effective way to move large items across state lines or the country. We have a variety of trucks available, including 53-foot dry and refrigerated trailers with swing doors for your convenience. If you want to save money on your next move, renting one of our reliable trailers is the way to go.

For pricing and any other inquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch at (718) 570-4149.

Dry Vans for Flexible Storage

If you need mobile storage solutions for your equipment, to move commercial goods, or for storing an overstock of products, the most practical solution is a 53-foot dry van. They are dependable and can endure long journeys. With our trailers, you won't need to worry about making multiple trips because they can be 80,000 pounds, including cargo. If you have a shipment waiting to be loaded in a spacious trailer for shipment, you can rely on Huston & Sons Trucking Inc to have the perfect dry van for you.

Refrigerator Trailers for Storage

Huston & Sons Trucking Inc offers a perfect solution to your temperature-controlled delivery and storage requirements - a 53-foot refrigerated trailer. Our trailer rentals contain manual temperature control systems to ensure your goods remain at the same temperature they arrived at. Whether your cargo contains food, perishable items, or frozen goods, our trailers will be more than adequate to transport them. We have a fleet of the latest models, and with our knowledge of the trailer and logistics industry, all your questions and concerns will be answered.

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Long-Term Rental Service

Whether you need a dry or refrigerated trailer rental, they can only be rented for long-term use, with a minimum of 10 days. Get in touch to discuss your particular needs and how long you anticipate renting it for. We will find the most suitable trailer and have it ready for pickup.

Cost-Effective Trailer Rentals

If your business requires you to ship cargo now and again, you don't need to own your fleet of trailers. Our rentals are available whenever you need them and are a cost-effective alternative to purchasing your own. We offer competitive base prices in the trailer rental market, designed to save you money.

If you would like to learn more about our price list, get in touch with us. A team member will be happy to review the breakdown of the total rental cost, including days rented, mileage, and insurance. If you are satisfied with what you hear, we will gladly reserve a trailer for you.

For Reliable 53-Foot Truck Rentals, Get in Touch Today

Huston & Sons Trucking Inc owns a fleet of high-performance dry and refrigerated trailers with the highest quality modular insulation and finishing. You won't be disappointed when you trust us for your temperature-controlled delivery needs or to transport equipment and other dry cargo.

Our prices are affordable, and trailers are available on the spot. Get yours today by calling (718) 570-4149.

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